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Ultra Fast Internet & Phone for
Condos and Apartments.

Choose the Internet speed that suits your needs.

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We're Puget Sound’s premier Internet service provider for commercial businesses.

5 Reasons to choose Cascadelink
5 Reasons to choose Cascadelink: Sign Up Now

5 Reasons to Choose Cascadelink

  1. 01. Fiber Internet

    Ultra Fast Internet.

    Speeds up to a gigabit on our fiber network with symmetrical uploading and downloading, low latency and no data caps.

  2. 02. No Contracts.

    No Contracts.
    No Price Hikes.
    No Taxes.
    No Hidden Fees.

    No surprises here! Get every bit you pay for 24 hours a day.

  3. 03. Fast and Easy Setup

    Easy Sign Up.
    Fast Setup.

    Installation appointments are typically available next business day and take about 30 minutes.

  4. 04. Instant On Capable.

    Instant On Capable.

    Select locations require only simple self-setup upon activation. No modem required.

  5. 05. Local Support

    Local Company & 24/7 Support

    Homegrown in the Pacific Northwest and here for you when you need us.

People love us on Yelp!

What Our Customers are Saying.

People love us on Yelp and Facebook!


“ experience with Cascadelink was nothing short of perfect. They were able to come get me set up on the same day I contacted them with no charge. The bill was always exactly what I signed up for, never an unexpected cost. My connection speeds were never slow or broken. I never had to call to complain or even think about my Internet - it just always worked...I don't often (ever) write Yelp reviews, but I need to tell people how much I appreciated this company. If you are lucky enough to have them in your building, use them.”

Yelp - Lourdes O.

“When I signed up with Cascadelink, I was so refreshingly surprised by how simple and transparent the whole process was. There was no setup charge, no hidden fees, the Internet speed is consistent, customer service is prompt...Seriously, if your building has Cascadelink, go with them. If not, talk with your HOA and get it installed in the building. You will make a lot of people happy!”

Yelp - Leo C.

“My service is consistently at advertised speeds, 100% up time as far as I've noticed, and (unlike Comcast) they're not one bit shady when it comes to billing and customer service. After a year of their service, I really hope I never have to go back.”

Facebook - Zach R.

“Finally consistent Internet at an affordable rate that doesn't change after some promo period. Switched from Comcast which I seemed to always time out and run sluggishly, not an issues with Cascadelink. If your fortunate enough to have this as an option don't hesitate to sign up.”

Yelp - Travis J.

“@Cascadelink: WiFi router was waiting for me at new building. Smarbox in apartment. Router ready. I'm zipping through the web! Yay!”

Twitter - Myra K.